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The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specialising in negotiation. We help organisations drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce cost.?

In a time of global upheaval, effective negotiation is more important than ever. Whether you are dealing with a merger, managing trade union agreements, repairing disrupted supply chains, or navigating a new commercial reality, negotiation is an essential skill for guaranteed success.

Negotiation solutions

Training by the world’s best negotiators

Negotiation is a life-enhancing skill. Whatever your profession, being a confident, effective negotiator can mean the difference between getting to a great agreement, and one that fails to optimise value for you and your business.


We offer a range of training programs face-to-face or virtual to help you learn how to negotiate even the most difficult and complex commercial agreements.

Our training


Negotiating without a table

Drew Gallaher

April 2020

An in-depth look at how to approach negotiating when you aren't sitting across a table from your counter part. What is the impact of 'e-negotiating'? What is the best virtual platform to choose? What are the psychological implications and risks to avoid?

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The Negotiation Society magazine: The diversity issue

Emma Weare

July 2020

The latest edition of The Negotiation Society magazine is themed around diversity, inclusion and belonging. A range of experts from both within and outside The Gap Partnership share with us their personal and professional viewpoints on the topic, and the role that negotiation plays.

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Covid recovery: Introduction to the 5 traits of successful businesses

The Gap Partnership

September 2020

CEO Graham Botwright introduces the first in a series of 6 films that look at how successful businesses are behaving in the time of the pandemic - and what other companies can do to emulate them.

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Covid recovery: Negotiation agility

The Gap Partnership

September 2020

The second in Graham Botwright's "Covid Recovery" films explores the concept of negotiation agility and how it has fueled an extraordinary commercial success story of 2020.

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